Your letters for Monday, June 11

Student’s recovery is an inspiring story

Re: “Graduating engineering student overcame horrific car accident,” June 5.

This was a wonderfully uplifting front-page story. My heart and my admiration go out to Sara Elkady.

She pulled her “peeps” around her and moved with determination from a devastating accident to not only a successful recovery, but her engineering degree as well.

Kudos also to the Herald for busting established journalistic tradition and running a positive, spirit-nourishing story on the front page. 

Ever heard of the true Canadian? We’re all immigrants of course, but true Canadians come to avail themselves of the freedom and order here to build a unique dream into a beautiful personal reality. No agendas.

No “tear the system down” attacks on neighbours they don’t even know yet. Just a quiet determination to prosper and share their success.

Such people are the actual soul of the country. Ms. Elkady is clearly one of them.

Guy Plecash, Calgary

Get working on another pipeline

Re: “Pipelines dominated spring session,” June 8.

Nationalization of the Trans Mountain pipeline guarantees that it will never be built in the lifetime of the Trudeau government.

How can anyone still not see that not-so-hidden agenda?

The only option still open is for the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments and the oil industry to get moving on a pipeline along the Eagle Spirit route to an Alaskan port.

Colin Alexander, Ottawa

Ford will bring fresh focus to Ontario

Re: “How PCs won a wild Ontario election,” June 8.

Congratulations to Doug Ford on winning the Ontario election.

Here’s hoping he brings some business sense to the job and much less socialness and political correctness.

The voters who have worked or are working for a living, and are paying the bills, should call the shots. And the layabouts, protesters and other losers shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. 

J.D. Round, Brooks

Marijuana is the least of our concerns

Re: “More education needed about pot,” Letter, June 9.

Thank goodness we have Larry Comeau’s “expertise” to educate the readership on pot legalization.

He refers to First Nations chiefs fearing the impending legalization of marijuana.

Perhaps Comeau should speak to Phil Fontaine, former chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and ask him why he thinks that legalizing marijuana will be a boon for First Nations communities.

We should be infinitely more concerned about opioid, alcohol and tobacco addiction issues. Among the aforementioned, pot is the least of our concerns.

Bruce Stewart, Calgary

Retirees can’t get themselves a mortgage

Re: “Mortgage-rule changes helping to cool Calgary’s resale market: CREB,” June 9.

Rule changes aren’t cooling it, they are freezing it for some.
My 60-year-old husband and I, 58, currently own three properties mortgage free.
We wanted to remortgage the one that is a rental property.
We have a stable financial portfolio, but both being retired, we were not able to get a mortgage, anywhere — from any bank or company.
The Bank of Canada’s new stress test has no flexible guidelines for retirees or lower-income workers.
Want a mortgage? Get it before you retire.
Megan Darling, Calgary

Opposing abortion seems to be a guy thing

Re: “Some lives deemed as inconvenient,” Letter, June 8.

Is it just me, or have you noticed that most of the people against abortions are men?

Kelly McCormack, Calgary

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