We are all one: tragedy in the US is tragedy in Canada

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The twitterverse began to show signs of anxiety shortly after Shawn Spicers’ comments about increased enforcement against recreational  cannabis began to make their way into the mainstream conversation late Thursday evening.  On Friday the stock market responded, as well as mainstream media outlets, advocate groups, industry advisors and commentators, and over 1 million tweets from around the world.

The notion that Trump and the Department of Justice would turn back the clock on legalization in the US harkens the darkest era of prison industrial complex profiteering.  It is morally corrupt and socially irresponsible on many levels.

In his brief statement, Spicer linked the opiate epidemic to cannabis legalization, which, of course, is ludicrous and was quickly disputed by expert influencers.  It is hopeful that even the reddest states and  MAGA folks understand this.  There are other forces at work here, including the push to enable asset seizures against protesters.  The future in the United States is on a trajectory going in the wrong direction.

This is not good news for anyone, including Canadians.  The cannabis industry is seamless and borderless in many respects.  People, money, ideas, friendships, and opportunities flow back and forth across our universal electronic community and the border that separates us. Canada will already benefit greatly from legalization when it arrives—bringing increased tourism, tax revenues, and emerging market opportunities—but this should not be at the expense of our American counterparts and should not be celebrated.  Call it compassion ,or just a good old understanding of how the war on drugs harms all people.

Politicians are paying attention in the United States to their constituents, and this is being heard in Town Halls as the momentum to resist is growing.  By placing the cannabis debate in the center of the table, the Trump regime has re-energized the organized and savvy spirit of American independent and ambitious disruptors who have been fighting the system a lot longer than Trump has been stirring the pot.  There will be consequences, and they will come from across the spectrum.  Canadians should be on board and in support of this resistance.  Any narrative that comes close to this being a win for Canada is ill-advised, naïve, and extraordinarily short-sighted.

The Americans have helped to create  momentum for the rest of the world, including Canada.  If the clock goes back in the US, it is possible we will see less advancement in the world markets and their governments—which is the ultimate agenda, or at least it should be.  This is key, as Canada is such an incredibly small market in the big picture.  A loss for our American colleagues and co-conspirators is a loss for us and a loss for the world.  The business of cannabis has never been typical, so if anyone suggests business is business, tell them to give their head a shake.  This is not just business, this is much more.

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