Vancouver issues two new retail medical cannabis business licences

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The city of Vancouver has issued their 14th and 15th retail medical cannabis business licenses this week to two new locations.

Evo Medi Society, located at 1666 Graveley, and THCC The Herb Co Canada Society Kingsway at 779 Kingsway are both now listed as having a business licence on the official Vancouver website.

The last business licence was issued in November to Farm Dispensary. Vancouver began its licensing process in 2015 and had given unlicensed dispensaries until the end of April of this year to close. 176 originally applied for a licence.

The vast majority failed based on the city’s 300 m zoning regulations. City Councillor Kerry Jang, the lead voice on the city’s Medical Marijuana Related Use licensing program, says the program could take several years. He has also said he expects only about 15-20 applicants will ultimately get a business licence.

The city has since admitted it has over one million dollars in unpaid fines to unlicensed dispensaries, and has issued 53 injunctions against unlicensed dispensaries to try and force their closure. The first injunction is expected in court some time next year.

Under Vancouver’s MMRU rules, compassion clubs must be registered under the Society Act, must be a member of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD), must provide additional, non-cannabis related medical services such as Reiki, nutritional counselling, traditional Chinese medicine, or massage, all via registered practitioners, and these services must be provided for at least 60% of the time that the compassion club is open for business.

The City of Vancouver says they intend to keep moving forward with their dispensary licensing program while the province sorts out rules for retail recreational cannabis stores.

A representative for the city says Vancouver has no intentions of pausing their Medical Marijuana Related Use (MMRU) licensing program, saying they are still waiting to hear from the province on what cannabis distribution will look like in BC.

“Until the provincial government teams are in a position to reach out to the City and work on developing a distribution framework, our current regulatory framework is in place,” says Jag Sandhu, a communications coordinator for the city.

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