Supply shortages affecting some patients, increased supply expect soon

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The availability of dried cannabis and cannabis oil in many of Health Canada’s licensed producers has decreased dramatically in the past few weeks and even months. Increasingly, some patients are reporting a decrease in the availability of their preferred products.

A mixture of factors are contributing to the shortfall, say several industry participants — namely a dramatic increase in new people registering to access medical cannabis, combined with a lack of new approved production space to satisfy it. Production issues and recent product recalls that have forced some producers to remove product from the market also impact availability.

Based on a scan by Lift on Jan 3, of the 21 producers currently licensed for sale, only one, Mettrum,  had no dried buds for sale, though they had two varieties of cannabis oil. Four of 21 producers don’t currently carry any CBD options for dried buds, either in high CBD or a 1:1 ratio with THC. In addition to these current figures, some patients are seeing products selling out quickly from their licensed producers’ online shops.

However the snapshots also show some producers with the same amount of cannabis, or more, than they had a few months ago, showing the problem is perhaps not widespread. While some producers are maintaining a consistent supply and some are increasing product options, the issue has been prominent enough to prompt at least two clinics that specialize in medical cannabis access to work on helping patients find solutions.

Product availability over past 4 months based on monthly snapshots

Lift spoke with several patients about the issue, many who were expressing their frustration on social media. Most have asked to not be named on record. A common theme among patients was the anxiety of not knowing if the strains they need will be available when they need them.

One patient who only gave his first name and age, Paul, 42, registered with Tweed. He says the issue of changing availability has been ongoing for some time.

“I have been registered with Tweed since March 2015. At first they had a tremendous amount of product. Within 6 months everything disappeared. We were told more would come and it never did. When it eventually came, it would disappear within a day. I feel like the system has let patients down.”

Paul says he hopes to begin growing his own to avoid these issues as soon as he can get authorization.

“Due to system shortcomings and no end to this problem in sight, I am going the route of self growing this year once i can find a physician that understands the situation.”

“We’ve got a lot of patients complaining about the inconsistency, first of the product. For instance, they’re going to order something that will come out that morning… it will be gone by the end of the day.” -Terry Roycroft, MCRCI

Jordan Sinclair, a spokesperson for Tweed, said the producer is increasing expansion of both their Ontario facilities and expects to address any product shortfalls

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  1. I’m dealing with the same situation as Paul. Not being able to take opiates because of the severe side effects I’m at the mercy of the Canope Growth Corporation. Living with a spinal injury I have enough on my plate to deal with. Bruce Linton is signing contracts to supply other countries with cannabis but is incapable of meeting his obligations in Canada. Stains with a THC level of 20% or higher are sold out 90% of the time within a couple of days so then I have to rearrange my life because I know I’ll get little sleep due to chronic pain and nausea. Maybe Tweed can try a KISS business model. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

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