Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie to seek re-election

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie has announced he will run in the municipal election this fall for a sixth term.

In a statement Tuesday, Brodie said it has been an honour to serve as mayor since 2001 and welcomed the challenges ahead.

“I am running for mayor because of the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. There is so much more work to be done,” he said.

He said Richmond has become more complex and diversified, with a population growing to almost 220,000.

“There is more variety of housing, an increasing diversity of jobs, culture, ethnicity, business connections and more pressure on us to maintain aging facilities, a greater need for civic services, along with the need to address concerns over traffic congestion, affordability, flood-proofing the city, waterfront expansion and more,” he said.

He added future challenges include how to assist the homeless, pressure on the agricultural land, ethnic and cultural differences, the possibility of added city centre height restrictions, the high price of land and the retail sale or cultivation of recreational cannabis.

Brodie is running as an independent. He was a member of the Richmond Non-Partisan Association but became an independent when the party broke up.

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