The Dispensary ✯✯✯✯ aka The Vancouver Dispensary


The Dispensary in Vancouver BC allows those who are members to order online.  Interestingly enough, while the Dispensary’s two physical locations will now sell to those without memberships, to order online you still need to have one, which requires you to send or email in some paperwork. No worries, this is a lot less hassle than going through getting a government approved license.

The variety available here is outstanding, and we’d argue hard to beat. Be sure you’re reading their Mail Order Menu, and not one of the two location menus, as they all vary to some degree. One nice thing is that prices for ordering online are the same as in the store.

That’s the good news, the bad news (and it’s just about all the bad news) is that you can’t order via E-Transfer. That means you need to physically mail in a Money Order or CERTIFIED Cheque. So be sure to order well in advance of running out, because even if you send your payment in via Xpress mail, and they send the package back to you the same way, you’re likely not receiving your order for a week!

Product Variety: Huge. You’re not going to beat their variety, including having products virtually no one else carries such as Topical Creams, THC infused lube, and products for your pets—no more having to blow smoke in Rover’s face to share the experience. (NOTE: Weed Wire makes no recommendations regarding sharing with your pets.)

Quality of Product: First rate! This is a site that deals in volume given they’ve got two locations and aren’t just online.

Shipping Times: See above. The Dispensary seems to be on it, getting your order mailed as soon as they receive payment. The problem is that you’re relying on Canada Post not one, but two ways.

Response times to emails: Usually same day. Plus if for any reason you don’t feel you’re getting a fast enough response to an email inquiry you have the option of calling them on the phone! That’s something you don’t get with most MOMs.

Substitution of Product: It happens. You mail in payment, meanwhile they’ve sold out of exactly what it is you want. But if you list, in order of preference, what you’ll accept as a substitute you’re generally good to go.