MOM Canada ✯✯


MOM Canada is possibly the oldest mail order site in Canada. They’re reliable, easy to contact and deal with, and offer one of the lowest free shipping rates you can find. They are also expensive!

If you buy (pun intended) the fact that this site offers some super premium weed as their “High Grade” then sure, their prices might seem reasonable. If instead you recognize that their “High Grade” is of the same quality as other reputable sights “A Grade” or “Top Grade” then you’ll recognize you’re paying $400 for an oz that would cost you less than $300 anywhere else. And, yes, that means their Medium Grade is actually Medium Grade, while clocking in at Grade A Prices.

Product Variety: Just okay, and not nearly as good as it should be at these prices. They actually carry just one strain of bud at each of their quality levels, and as mentioned above they’re overcharging for them. They’ve got great edibles too, but it’s hit or miss whether they are in stock. And, just like everything else on this site, you can find it for a lower price elsewhere.

Quality of Product: Good. As good as just about anywhere else we could name. But it’s overpriced.

Shipping Times: Reasonable. They seem to ship out your package within a 24 hours of receiving payment, Monday to Friday.

Response times to emails: Great! Not only can you email them for answers to your questions, often Monday to Friday during they day you’ll find that you can chat with them online!

Substitution of Product: N/A. Not applicable—but that’s because they don’t carry more than one strain in each grade point! As for edibles and the like, they seem to have a stock management system to ensure that if you’re ordering a product they’ve got it to ship.