Mary Jane Mail ✯✯✯

Mary Jane Mail is your typical online MOM. Not a lot to complain about, not a whole lot to write home about. One plus for those of you who don’t want to use E-transfer for whatever reason is that this site still accepts money orders, and (though they don’t advertise it) cash, through the mail.

This site consistently has product ranging from decent to great quality, with a good but not great variety of products. Prices are pretty much industry standard, although we could complain that this is one of those sites that offers no Free Shipping point.

All in all we have no complaints with the sites motto, though, “You can trust Mary Jane.” Oh, unless you hate substitutions—see below.

Product Variety: Good variety of strains, hashes and extracts.

Quality of Product: Good to great. It’s rare that we, or anyone else we’ve known, has gotten something hear that hasn’t measured up to the quality of the product we were seeking and paid for.

Shipping Times: Orders usually ship within one to 2 days of receiving payment, according to their website. The “unusual” times seem to be when they need to back order something. This most often seems to be the case with orders containing edibles.

Back orders are a risk with any website that doesn’t feature stock management, but we think sending you the rest of your order right away, and then eating the shipping costs on the back ordered product should be the industry norm. To avoid this you can always email in advance to confirm they have everything you want on your order in stock.

Response times to emails: Usually within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Substitution of Product: It happens. As this is an email in order system, rather than an online one with stock management, you should provide your substitution preferences in the form of first choice, second choice, etc. to ensure you don’t end up with something you don’t want.

They are, however, good about making sure you receive a similar strain to what you ordered—no need to worry you’ll end up with a sativa substituted for an indica.