BudXpress  ✯✯✯✯✯  EDITORS’ CHOICE


BudXpress is a relatively new player on the block, having launched in early 2016. They boast about exceptional quality and service, and from everything we’ve seen they’ve got cause to. As a result they’re our first 5 Star Reviewed site, and the source we trust most to order from ourselves.

They could do with an expanded menu, and hopefully in time they’ll get there, but other than that critique this is one of our go-to sites to order from.

Pricing is competitive at the lower tiers, and for those ordering in quantity the savings are substantial. They’ve got price discount points of 10% at $250, 20% at $500 and 25% at $1000. There’s a chart at the bottom of each product page listing those discounts, but no easy way to calculate your final price before placing an order that we can see.

Oh, and their free shipping point is at $175, which is the lowest we’ve seen.

This site also features something we think should be standard in customer service, in that you get a name (well, a first initial actually) for anyone you talk to via email. This eliminates the confusion we’ve often found when we’ve been in contact with a site about something, only to discover the next time we write to them that the person we’re talking to has no idea what we’re talking about because they work a different day, or a different shift; that, or maybe these folks are less stoned at work than at some other MOMs!

Product Variety: This site usually features 4-6 different top notch strains to choose from. Their extract selection, however, isn’t something to write home about—just a couple of shatters and Phoenix Tears, but so far no budders or hashes. Their edibles are Top Notch, and while the selection is limited they promise that it’s expanding.

You should also check out the substantial price savings on their “BudXpress combos.” You pick the amount of bud you want in grams, and then they choose the particular strain or strains they’re going to send you. In return you get a price discount. From their point of view this makes sense as they’re never left with something going stale because it’s not selling at the same rate as something else.

Quality of Product: Their buds and shatter are among the best we’ve received from a MOM. We also appreciate that our packaged strains arrived with a Boveda Humidipak to help maintain it’s freshness. There’s one humidipak included per order, not per strain, but still it’s little things like this that make this MOM stand out.

Shipping Times: The site promises that orders for which payment is received before noon Pacific Time that they’ll ship that same day, with some exceptions for edibles as they bake them fresh to order. We’ve also seen a delay of up to 24 hours on one order containing shatter—when we wrote to ask the site about this they apologized for the delay, and offered a 10% discount off our next order. So if they do screw up, see if you can get something for it.

Response times to emails: Good. Responses often come within minutes, and from what we’ve seen and heard reported, always within 24 hours Monday to Thursday. Write them after noon or so on Friday through Sunday and it’s hit or miss whether you’ll hear from them before Monday. But, hey, who are we to begrudge folks who don’t want to work weekends?

Substitution of Product: We haven’t had them substitute product on us at all, so chalk that up to their online inventory system working. We have a friend who did need to have product substituted—they emailed to find out what he would like first, and then sent him a little extra to make up for their mistake. This is the standard of quality the industry should aspire to.