Bud Buddy ✯✯✯


Bud Buddy is one of the long time players in the mail order industry, and they enjoy a mixed reputation. On the one hand their product is usually of substantial quality. On the other there’s the service; as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

The site is reputed to be part of a network of sites operating under different names, but which mostly carry the same products at any given time. We can’t confirm that so will not publish their names, but if you do some checking to find sites with identical menus you might want to check to see which one has the best price and order from there—there’s a very good chance you’re getting the exact same product.

Note: This site doesn’t feature an online ordering system. Instead you need to email your order in, and then you’ll receive an email with details on how you’ll make payment, usually within 24 hours. After you’ve placed an order with them once you can simply send a payment after you’ve placed your order via email, but you’re likely adding a full business day to the time it will take your first order to arrive unless you get lucky.

UPDATE: A reader has contacted Weed Wire to let us know of a “scam problem” that affected Bud Buddy in 2014. Another site copied there code and set up a duplicate “dummy site” that ended in .com rather than .biz the way the authentic Bud Buddy site did. The failure to ship product to customers was indeed a fraud, but it wasn’t conducted by the people behind the real Bud Buddy.

Product Variety: Here is where Bud Buddy excels offering a full decent line of top quality buds, extracts, hashes (not always easy to find) and edibles.

Quality of Product: You can usually expect top notch buds and hashes from Bud Buddy. Their edibles are good, but we’ve heard reports in the past of cookies and other things that are prone to crumble arriving as, well, crumbs. The two times we’ve smoked their extracts we were left less than impressed for the price we paid.

Shipping Times: This is where Bud Buddy frequently falls down on the job. You’re order might ship the day after you order it. It might ship the day after that. If you’ve ordered an extract or hash that they don’t have in stock (despite having it listed on the website!) they wait until it’s in stock to ship it to you – often without an email to explain that’s happening. This is frankly a throwback to the days when there were hardly any places to order from, and MOMs could get away with shirking on deliveries—everyone was just happy their product eventually arrived. But in today’s industry it’s unacceptable!

Response times to emails: Right away if it’s good news they’re giving you. “That order we should have shipped last week that you just asked about today, it went out yesterday.”

A lot less quickly that if it’s bad news. “That order you wrote us about last week. It turns out we had to back order part of it, but we’re hoping to get that in the mail before the week is out.”

Substitution of Product: This is another strike against the site. Frequently you’ll end up with a strain you didn’t order, and often it’s not even comparable; a sativa shipped in place of an indica, for instance. You’re best chances for avoiding this is if the site menu has been recently updated (check the bottom left hand side of the menu page to see when that last happened) but it’s not always a guarantee. Frankly, this is a site that could manage a lot better with an online ordering and stock management system.