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Here at Weed Wire we want to be able to provide our readers with everything they need to know about Canada’s best, and its worst, mail order sites. But we can’t possibly do it on our own.

So we’ve created this form to allow others to create reviews. After any given site receives enough reviews we will see that it is added to our listings.

NOTE: While your email address is required to fill out a review we do not share your email address with anyone, and it will not be listed anywhere on our site. It’s simply so we can follow up on reviews if we suspect anyone is stuffing the ballot box!

Please rate the company from 1-5 for each of the following, with 5 stars being the best.

(For instance if substitutions never happened you might give them a 5, 4 for occasional ones of good quality, and a 1 if it was often, and the product didn’t align with what you originally ordered.)

We require an email address for each review, to ensure they aren’t being stacked.)

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