BC Bud Mail ✯✯1/2


If you’re looking for quick and easy ordering, and you don’t much care about particular strains, this could be the site to go to for you. It’s also great if you’re ordering from your phone—where other sites seem to be optimized for computer, and many work alright if you turn your phone sideways, if you want a quick and dirty ordering experience this could be the site for you.

But you might wonder why we said “quick and dirty” and not just “quick.” That’s easy to answer—what yo do give up here is choice. Rather than pick from strains of product, you can choose Sativa, Indica, or Kush only for buds and shatter. Hash comes in A Grade, B Grade, and Moroccan, and so on.

Product Variety: As mentioned above, you get to choose generally what you want, but not a specific strain. If variety is what you’re looking for buy from another site.

Quality of Product: Decent but not great. If you’re here it’s the  ease of ordering and the price that’s made the difference for you.

Shipping Times: Orders usually ship within 1-2 days of being placed, Monday to Friday. We say usually, because they claim that packages usually arrive within 2-5 business days of being mailed. If it’s not Xmas, or you don’t live in the North, packages should usually arrive within 3 days via Xpress Post, so we call BS.

Response times to emails: We tried to inquire about what stock they had on hand and received no response. An effort to contact the site just to ensure that they had Kush in stock came back later that same day to say yes they did, but not willing to identify what Kush it might be. Friends have told us that other than an automated email with their tracking number sent by this site they’ve found it difficult to get email replies. We wouldn’t know personally, we’d read enough and heard enough of others experiences that we gave ordering from this site a miss.

Substitution of Product: N/A. That’s right, not applicable. If you don’t really know what you’re getting, it’s not really a substitution is it?