Mail Order Marijuana sites (or MOMS) are sprouting up like weeds these days, but the quality of the product and service they provide varies wildly. So here at Weed Wire we’re providing you with reviews of sites.

Where a site advertises with us, or has in the past, we will be sure to include that information as well; we intend to only accept ads from reputable MOMs that we’d want to do business with ourselves, and we won’t pull any punches in reviewing a site because they advertise with us, but we want to be forthright with our readers so they know about any perceived conflict of interest.

We give a general rating of 1-5 stars for a service, and in addition to the short reviews you’ll find on this page, each MOM also has a full page entry where we evaluate them on the following criteria:

Product variety
Quality of product
Shipping times
Response time to emails
Substitutions for ordered product (an all too common event in the industry)

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We can’t possilby review every mail order site in Canada on our own, so we’re hoping that our readers will let us know what companies they’ve had good experiences with, and which ones they’ve had bad ones with.

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bc-bud-mail-logoBC Bud Mail ✯✯

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If you’re looking for quick and easy ordering, and you don’t much care about particular strains, this could be the site to go to for you. It’s also great if you’re ordering from your phone—where other sites seem to be optimized for computer, and many work alright if you turn your phone sideways, if you want a quick and dirty ordering experience this could be the site for you.

But you might wonder why we said “quick and dirty” and not just “quick.” That’s easy to answer—what yo do give up here is choice. Rather than pick from strains of product, you can choose Sativa, Indica, or Kush only for buds and shatter. Hash comes in A Grade, B Grade, and Moroccan, and so on.

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bud-buddy-logoBud Buddy  ✯✯✯

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Bud Buddy is one of the long time players in the mail order industry, and they enjoy a mixed reputation. On the one hand their product is usually of substantial quality. On the other there’s the service; as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

The site is reputed to be part of a network of sites operating under different names, but which mostly carry the same products at any given time. We can’t confirm that so will not publish their names, but if you do some checking to find sites with identical menus you might want to check to see which one has the best price and order from there—there’s a very good chance you’re getting the exact same product.

Note: This site doesn’t feature an online ordering system. Instead you need to email your order in, and then you’ll receive an email with details on how you’ll make payment, usually within 24 hours. After you’ve placed an order with them once you can simply send a payment after you’ve placed your order via email, but you’re likely adding a full business day to the time it will take your first order to arrive unless you get lucky.

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budxpress-logoBudXpress  ✯✯✯✯✯  EDITORS’ CHOICE

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BudXpress is a relatively new player on the block, having launched in early 2016. They boast about exceptional quality and service, and from everything we’ve seen they’ve got cause to.

They could do with an expanded menu, and hopefully in time they’ll get there, but other than that critique this is one of our go-to sites to order from.

Pricing is competitive at the lower tiers, and for those ordering in quantity the savings are substantial. They’ve got price discount points of 10% at $250, 20% at $500 and 25% at $1000. There’s a chart at the bottom of each product page listing those discounts, but no easy way to calculate your final price before placing an order that we can see.

Oh, and their free shipping point is at $175, which is the lowest we’ve seen.

This site also features something we think should be standard in customer service, in that you get a name (well, a first initial actually) for anyone you talk to via email. This eliminates the confusion we’ve often found when we’ve been in contact with a site about something, only to discover the next time we write to them that the person we’re talking to has no idea what we’re talking about because they work a different day, or a different shift; that, or maybe these folks are less stoned at work than at some other MOMs!

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mjmail-standing-logoMary Jane Mail  ✯✯✯

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Mary Jane Mail is your typical online MOM. Not a lot to complain about, not a whole lot to write home about either. One plus for those of you who don’t want to use E-transfer for whatever reason is that this site still accepts money orders, and (though they don’t advertise it) cash, through the mail.

This site consistently has product ranging from decent to great quality, with a good but not great variety of products. Prices are pretty much industry standard, although we could complain that this is one of those sites that offers no Free Shipping point.

All in all we have no complaints with the sites motto, though, “You can trust Mary Jane.” Oh, unless you hate substitutions, which sometimes happens.

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mom-canada-logoMOM  Canada  ✯✯

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MOM Canada is possibly the oldest mail order site in Canada. They’re reliable, easy to contact and deal with, and offer one of the lowest free shipping rates you can find. They are also expensive!

If you buy (pun intended) the fact that this site offers some super premium weed as their “High Grade” then sure, their prices might seem reasonable. If instead you recognize that their “High Grade” is of the same quality as other reputable sights “A Grade” or “Top Grade” then you’ll recognize you’re paying $400 for an oz that would cost you less than $300 anywhere else. And, yes, that means their Medium Grade is actually Medium Grade, while clocking in at Grade A Prices.

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the-dispensary-vancouverThe Dispensary  ✯✯✯✯  aka The Vancouver Dispensary

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The Dispensary in Vancouver BC allows those who are members to order online.  Interestingly enough, while the Dispensary’s two physical locations will now sell to those without memberships, to order online you still need to have one, which requires you to send or email in some paperwork. No worries, this is a lot less hassle than going through getting a government approved license.

The variety available here is outstanding, and we’d argue hard to beat. Be sure you’re reading their Mail Order Menu, and not one of the two location menus, as they all vary to some degree. One nice thing is that prices for ordering online are the same as in the store.

That’s the good news, the bad news (and it’s just about all the bad news) is that you can’t order via E-Transfer. That means you need to physically mail in a Money Order or CERTIFIED Cheque. So be sure to order well in advance of running out, because even if you send your payment in via Xpress mail, and they send the package back to you the same way, you’re likely not receiving your order for a week!

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