Reviews of Mail Order Sites

Mail Order Marijuana sites (or MOMS) are sprouting up like weeds these days, but the quality of the product and service they provide varies wildly. So here at Weed Wire we’re providing you with reviews of sites.

Where a site advertises with us, or has in the past, we will be sure to include that information as well; we intend to only accept ads from reputable MOMs that we’d want to do business with ourselves, and we won’t pull any punches in reviewing a site because they advertise with us, but we want to be forthright with our readers so they know about any perceived conflict of interest.

We give a general rating of 1-5 stars for a service, and in addition to the short reviews you’ll find on this page, each MOM also has a full page entry where we evaluate them on the following criteria:

Product variety
Quality of product
Shipping times
Response time to emails
Substitutions for ordered product (an all too common event in the industry)

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We can’t possilby review every mail order site in Canada on our own, so we’re hoping that our readers will let us know what companies they’ve had good experiences with, and which ones they’ve had bad ones with.

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