Oops: North Van schools have pro-D day scheduled for 4/20

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North Vancouver school administrators have sent out an email to parents of high school students to clarify that their scheduling decisions do not endorse the use of marijuana.

Students at five of North Vancouver’s eight secondary schools are scheduled to have a day off from classes on April 20 while their teachers have a professional development day. April 20, of course, is also known as “4/20,” a day where marijuana use and culture is celebrated.

In an email sent to parents at the five schools on Tuesday, district principal Brad Baker called the scheduling a “coincidence.”

“This coincidence was not intended to promote student attendance at these events,” he writes. “The North Vancouver School District (NVSD) does not condone or support the use of cannabis.”

But with the day coming up, Baker encourages parents to have conversations “at home regarding the use of cannabis and other substances” and includes a series of links to informative websites “that can be used to begin the conversation about cannabis and other substances.”





Baker concludes: “The NVSD is fortunate to have exceptional students who are excellent role models for their school communities. We also realize that attendance at community events is a personal and/or family decision but we wanted to make you aware of the possibility. Thank you for your continued understanding and support of your child’s school and the school district.”

Some North Vancouver elementary schools have pro-d days on April 20 as well, but parents at those schools were not emailed.



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