No hoots on the hovercraft after legalization

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Let it never be said that the policy makers behind the biggest Canadian legislative change of the decade fell short on attention to detail. Parliamentary wonks are leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of an ironclad legalization framework suitable for even the most stringent of pedants.

This diligence can be exemplified perfectly in an unassuming clause within Part 2 of Bill C-46, the companion bill being drafted alongside the Cannabis Act to update the terms of the Criminal Code.

Peppered throughout the bill are amendments to various definitions in the existing Criminal Code. They include terms one might expect to see—terms like ‘operate’, ‘approved container’, and ‘qualified medical practitioner’—but some of the definitions are peculiarly specific.

For example, in article 320.11, the term ‘vessel’ is amended to include hovercraft. Sorry, Sterling Archer—still no bayou fanboat benders allowed in the St. Lawrence, and now no hovercraft hijinks either.

If the ban on hovercrafting high has put a damper on your plans for next summer, you may want to sit down before learning that in addition to powered watercraft and hovercraft, other vehicles Canadians will be prohibited from operating within two hours of consuming cannabis include aircraft and railway equipment. Sorry, Wyle E Coyote….

One subtle change proposed in C-46 is that the definition for ‘street racing’ is set to be repealed, but does not appear to have a replacement proposed for any new definition to maintain the context of motor vehicles. This seems to indicate that a bicycle race, or even a foot race such as a fun-run or marathon, could be construed as falling under the interpretation of the term.

The Cannabis Act and its accompanying Bill-C46 have both moved through the house committees and back to the House, with C-46 now in the Senate and and C-45 at third reading on Nov 9.

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