New Brunswick looking to establish new cannabis legalization committee

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New Brunswick introduced a motion today to establish a “select committee” of the legislative assembly to look into the issues surrounding legalization.

According to the government release, the committee will be made up of government members and official opposition members and will be looking at issues like the legal age for possession of cannabis, possession amounts, and personal cultivation.

This past March, it was announced that officials from Health, Finance, and Justice and Public Safety, along with Opportunities NB and the New Brunswick Liquor Corp. would be looking into these issues. An interim report is expected from the group by this summer.

“Your government has been working since 2015 in preparation for federal legislation on cannabis legalization, which was recently tabled in the House of Commons,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau in a press release. “This select committee will provide us the opportunity to listen to the concerns of New Brunswickers on important policy implications as we move towards legalization in June or July of 2018.”

The members of the committee are:

Kent South MLA Benoît Bourque; Restigouche West MLA Gilles LePage; Victoria-La Vallée MLA Chuck Chiasson; Moncton East MLA Monique LeBlanc; Carleton-Victoria MLA Andrew Harvey; Gagetown-Petitcodiac MLA Ross Wetmore; Edmundston-Madawaska Centre MLA Madeleine Dubé; and Fredericton-Grand Lake MLA Pam Lynch.

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