Mettrum voluntarily recalls select products exposed to plant spray

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According to a press release, Mettrum Health Corp. is voluntarily recalling medical cannabis products that were exposed to a foliar plant spray that contained traces of an ingredient – a natural pesticide widely used in agriculture – that was not disclosed by the third-party manufacturer on the list of ingredients, or in the product Material Safety Data Sheet (“MSDS”).

The company says there is no impact on human health or the integrity of the Mettrum product. This recall is defined by Health Canada as a Type III recall: a situation in which the use of, or exposure to, a product is not likely to cause any adverse health consequences.

This will be the sixth public recall of medical cannabis products since Health Canada began their commerical retail Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations in 2013. Past recalls have been for issues ranging from imporperly labeled product or improper production procedures to positive bacterial testing and mould. The last recall issued was in March, 2015.

According to Health Canada’s rules, Licensed Producers must “establish and maintain a system of control that permits the rapid and complete recall of every lot or batch of dried marijuana that has been made available for sale. In the case of a recall, Health Canada must be notified.” All public recalls are posted to the Recalls and Safety Alerts section of the Healthy Canadians web site.

Mettrum states they were made aware they were using a plant wash that contained pyrethrin, but did not have it on the ingredient list, during a routine Health Canada inspection. Although it is not confirmed to be the product in question, one brand of plant wash used in the cannabis industry, Mighty Wash and Mega Wash Plant, were identified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) as mislabeled earlier this year.

A list of approved pesticides can be found here.

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From a press release from Mettrum:

“Quality, purity and transparency are Mettrum’s top priorities, which is why we have initiated a voluntary recall of the exposed product and are reaching out directly to all impacted clients,” said Michael Haines, director and CEO, Mettrum Health Corp. “While the ingredient is not harmful and there is no negative effect on product quality and safety, we are doing everything possible to ensure client satisfaction and confidence is upheld.”

Foliar plant sprays contain micronutrients that can enhance plant health and vigour. In this case, Mettrum sourced the foliar spray from a third-party supplier and used it on cannabis plants when needed. The spray is advertised as a plant wash (foliar spray) and its list of ingredients and the MSDS were reviewed by Mettrum’s science team prior to use.

Following a routine Health Canada inspection, it was brought to Mettrum’s attention that this third-party foliar spray contains an unlisted ingredient called pyrethrin. This plant-based insecticide is approved and widely used on both organic and conventional crops in Canada, however it is not currently registered for use on medical cannabis under the Pest Control Products Act. This is

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