ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week: September 30-October 6

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The top three reviews of this week, September 23-29, feature top medical cannabis strains from WeedMD, Emblem and Canna Farms. Each of these reviews earned up to 300 Lift Rewards points – and now, a few extra points for being featured. Lift Rewards points can be used universally towards your next medical cannabis purchase with participating licensed producers, at the Lift Store and with other Lift Rewards partners.

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RasAir88 reviews White Shark by WeedMD:

White shark has great medical effects. Helping, stress, pain, depression, and fatigue. This is a Sativa strain crossing Super Skunk, South American, and South Indian strains. The flowers are a “tight” and compact appearance. Both the smell and taste are those of pine, lemons, and a slight grape earthy taste. The effects are very uplifting and positive, a great strain to have mid day to fight fatigue and keep you going.

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GardenZombie reviews Desert Rose (Durga Mate CBD) by Emblem:

I just switched LPs to Emblem, and so far, I’m impressed. Customer service has been prompt, helpful, and friendly. Not only that, but my meds came just over 24 hours after ordering. I’m one of those folks who seem to get anxiety from higher-THC strains, so for the last year or so I’ve stuck primarily to low-THC, high-CBD strains, as they work best for both the cannabis-induced anxiety and my chronic pain. I’d never heard of the strain “Durga Mata” before, so I was curious. On opening Emblem’s container, I was greeted with an enjoyable peppery smell, which makes sense considering Emblem lists the terpenol Myrcene as the major terpene right on their container. The smell is great. The buds: Wow. They’re dense as f***. I can honestly say I’ve never squeezed buds that were as dense as this. There’s maybe a mm. of play, then you may as well be trying to squeeze a marble. Really cool and surprising. The colour: Again, very interesting. These buds are *dark* green. I don’t mean “pretty dark”. I mean “Ok, man, stop using those damned Instagram filters” dark. I took a pic comparing one of the Durga Mata CBD buds to another bud from the same LP, (Zen’s Garden – Black Widow CBD). My camera doesn’t do the difference justice (old iphone 5, I’m a poor-assed bastard) but you can at least see the difference. The taste: Fruity, which was surprising. Very tasty. I tend to use a vaporizer with dry flower, though, I may have a buddy of mine press this into rosin now that I know how tasty it is. Would definitely be worth

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