ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week: November 4-10

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The top three reviews of this week, November 4-10, feature top medical cannabis strains from Canna Farms, Peace Naturals Project and Broken Coast Cannabis. Each of these reviews earned up to 300 Lift Rewards points and will be credited extra points for being featured! Lift Rewards points can be used universally towards your next medical cannabis purchase with participating licensed producers, at the Lift Store and with other Lift Rewards partners.

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JSmoke reviews CBD Skunk Haze by Canna Farms:

CBD Skunk Haze is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica Hybrid that’s a cross between Cannatonic and Super Haze. It won the top high-CBD – 2015 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards. This is one of the strains I use both day and night for maximum epilepsy control. It provides a nice soft mellow buzz while allowing you to go about your daily routine with less anxiety and mild pain relief. This is not a great strain for someone suffering from severe pain but it is good for epilepsy and muscle disorders. The CBD also helps with nausea. I found this medication to be a bit of a creeper. It takes hold of you slowly and spreads throughout your body like a slow warmth. It’s good for reducing muscle spasms and helping with restless legs. All in all this is a very nice strain. It tastes very nice, like pine and pepper, and vapes beautifully. I found it to be very smooth and not harsh on the throat at all like some CBD products can be. Canna Farms did a very nice job in the curing and trimming process and turned out a wonderful medication at a reasonable price. I ordered on the Tuesday and had it by Wednesday, so delivery was speedy as usual as well. I’m very pleased with the service I’m receiving from Canna Farms and their medications are very nice. I just wish they would send Boveda packs like Aurora does. I try to keep at least ten or twenty grams of this in the house at all times and would definitely order it again. Well done Canna Farms.

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Blacklab reviews Harmony by Peace Naturals Project:

Calmed my anxiety and helped with my nausea within a few minutes. Strong but doesn’t make you super tired. Delivered on time and super impressed with the quality. Great 60/40 strain and you don’t need too much of it.

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Onetwothree reviews Ruxton (Sour OG) by Broken Coast

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