ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week: Dec 8-15

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The top three reviews of this week, December 8-15, feature top medical cannabis strains from THC BioMed, Broken Coast Cannabis and Delta 9. Each of these reviews earned up to 300 Lift Rewards points and will be credited extra points for being featured! Lift Rewards points can be used universally towards your next medical cannabis purchase with participating licensed producers, at the Lift Store and with other Lift Rewards partners.

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NovaSquisha reviews Kelowna Kush by THC BioMed:

THC BioMed is waving their hometown flag on this strain, and it’s easy to see why they’re proud; an “ooh”-inducing, complex, skunky aroma hits as you open the jar and the look of the buds matches the scent – pretty pistils and glimmering gland-heads adorn the dense, dank nugs (gotta expect SOME run-on alliteration with a name like Kelowna Kush…). As with all my flowers, I press them into rosin, and Kelowna Kush yields decent amounts of beautiful, golden, and phenomenally tasty product. I’d hedge my bets this hybrid is one akin to a Sour Kush or Sour OG (same diff)…definitely has the curiously delicious flavour of gassy, rotting lemons, mixed with a guava-like fruity taste that makes the mouth flood with saliva and leaves you smacking for a good while after a dab! The effects are very subtle – not very cerebral, but very well-balanced and calming. Certainly suitable for use at any time of day, as users shouldn’t feel over-stimulated, nor couch-locked. Great choice for those looking to treat anxiety and depression and a definite recommended strain for patients looking to avoid the sense of heightened nervousness associated with certain chemovars.

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Bigjim reviews God Kush by Broken Coast Cannabis:

Found broken coast to be very easy to order with and delivery was prompt I’m very happy so far with the quality of this bud. This bud for some reason I feel quite a narcotic effect when I use this takes my chronic back pain away and was able to get a good nights sleep when using Only draw back was it made me get the munchies and dry mouth I have had stronger bud but this strain for some reason just gets me every time I relax and am able to function fairly well but definitely recommend for evening use Sleep very well as well

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Maxim124 reviews Super Lemon Haze by Delta 9:

I use it for chronic pain

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