18th Vancouver Board of Variance hearing ends in 2 approvals, 1 denial, 1 adjournment

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The eighteenth Vancouver Board of Variance meeting for dispensaries ended in two approvals, one denial and one adjournment.

The city began the Board of Variance process in February of this year for those dispensaries who failed the city’s 300 m zoning rule for their marijuana dispensary business licensing program. Like any business in the city seeking a variation to a zoning law, dispensaries and compassion clubs can appeal to the city’s Board of Variance.

The Board is currently made up of Gilbert Tan – Board Chair, Louis Ng – Board Secretary and FOI Officer, and Board Members Jag Dhillon and Namtez Sohal. The board has approved 22 variances so far, and denied 30. Any business who wins their variance can then continue on through the city’s three-stage licensing program. The city has awarded eight business licenses so far, out of nearly 200 applications submitted in 2015.

First up for the evening was Better Living Society at 1812 W 4th Avenue (application #DE419452). The variance was adjourned for a future date of Feb 21, 2017.

Second up for the evening was Lotusland Mount Pleasant Cannabis Society at 3187 Main St. (DE419579). The variance was approved.

Third up was Lotusland East Vancouver Cannabis Society at 4920 Victoria Dr. (DE419586). The variance was denied.

Last up was Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Society at 6628 Fraser St. (DE419499). The variance was approved.

The final scheduled date for all Medical Marijuana Related Use (MMRU) related variance meetings is Dec 20; however, the board is still accepting adjournments for future dates, so at least one will be held in the new year.



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